The city of Grenoble and its surroundings


Located in the southeast of France, Grenoble is one of the main cities of the Rhone-Alps region and is the prefecture of the Isere department. Grenoble is located in a verdant setting, at the heart of 3 alpine chains: Belledonne, Chartreuse, and Vercors. The flattest city in France, Grenoble sits at 213 meters in altitude. An urban cable car, the first of its kind, is taking visitors up to the Bastille, 263 meters above, since 1934, and allows to get a breath-taking bird's eye view of the city and its surroundings. Grenoble also hosts a surprisingly rich cultural palette of museums, historical and archeological sites.

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Its surroundings

In the middle of mountains, Grenoble is only less than an hour away from the most famous ski resorts, covered with snow all winter long. Springtime and fall are perfect for long walks in the forests and for mountain climbing. Summer is warm! Swimming pools and lakes are perfect for relaxing in the latter season, unless you prefer the coolness of the numerous caves.

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Publié le  5 septembre 2017
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