The Chemistry and Biology department

This department is part of the science and medicine university, Grenoble Alpes University, and hosts teachers and researchers from 27 research units spread over the three Grenoble campuses (the Health Pole, the main Campus and the Scientific Polygon), as well as administrative and technical staff. The department welcomes students in each academic year. The students are spread over the offered 3-years Licence Programs (11 programs) and 2-years Master Programs (16 programs). The research encompasses the following fields: electrochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, theoretical chemistry, nanochemistry and nanophysics, chemical biology and biological chemistry, physical-chemistry of glycopolymers and molecular glycobiology, molecular and cell biology, bioanalytical chemistry, bioinformatics and biophysics structural biology, fondamental and applied bioenergetics, integrative approaches to microbiology and physiology, neurosciences, cancer, infectious diseases, hypoxia physiopathology and sleep apnea, bioclinical radiopharmaceuticals, technology of medical imaging and complexity, alpine ecology, plant cell physiology (list of the laboratories).
Publié le  5 septembre 2017
Mis à jour le 7 février 2019