Study as an exchange student

If you are a student registered in a foreign university, you may consider studying in our department for a semester or for a full year. If so, here is the procedure to follow in order to see your application go through:
  1. Check with the International Relations Department at your home university that there is a student exchange agreement with our University.
See also the following lists:
in Europe for biology: Erasmus agreements
in Europe for chemistry: Erasmus agreements
outside Europe: Exchange programs
  1. Go to our degree program web page to make a selection of courses either in French for the licence programs, or for the master programs) or in English. If you have questions, please contact our international coordinators for Thierry Gautier ( for biology or Catherine Bougault ( for chemistry.
  2. Contact the International Coordinator in your department at your home university to validate your selection of courses that will be validated upon returning to your home university.
  3. Complete the application form (in pdf or Word) and post your application to:
The Chemistry and Biology Department international Office for European candidates
Address: Agnès Vérè
UFR de Chimie et de Biologie: Service Formation, Relations Internationales
Université Grenoble Alpes
470 rue de la Chime
Campus universitaire
38041 GRENOBLE Cedex 9 - FRANCE
(Also email your application through email to Agnès Vérè ( and either our international coordinators for biology (Thierry Gautier : or chemistry  (Catherine Bougault :

The Central International Office for non-european candidates
Address: Direction générale déléguée aux Relations Territoriales et Internationales
Université Grenoble Alpes
Campus universitaire
38041 GRENOBLE Cedex 9
Deadlines :
  • May 1st for non-european applicants for the first semester or the full academic year
  • June 1st for European applicants for the first semester or the full academic year
  • November 1st for all applicants for the second semester
  1. Register at your home university before to come to Grenoble. You will get a degree from your home university and not a degree from Grenoble Alpes University. When leaving our department you will get a transcript of records, specifying the number of credits and your marks for the courses followed in Grenoble.
For practical information concerning your stay as an exchange student in our university, please visit our University web page and see in particular the “Administrative formalities for international students received as part of an exchange programme” section.
Publié le  5 septembre 2017
Mis à jour le 7 février 2019