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…Sales Marketing Communication Management…

Lab’Science Trading as BioTechCo: two courses developed with Industry (60 ECTS)
Theoretical knowledge combined with real international experience: an opportunity for companies and students.


Students from all over the world attend this course. Lectures will be entirely in English. The student must have at least a M1 scientific level (or equivalent). The students will attend commercial lectures at the University of Grenoble for four months. Afterwards, they will go into a company based anywhere in the world for a six month practical training experience which will enable them to graduate with a degree (Master diploma from Grenoble University) from the Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble.

Students will be trained to:
  • Manage and follow-up international sales activities.
  • Develop thecapacity to negotiate in English.
  • Be able to listen to the customers needs and understand their culture.
  • Adapt themselves to different professional environments.
LabScienceTrading will start on next september 2011, please look at the schedule : 2011 LabscienceTrading. The students will be selected on June of 2011. The registration files will be sent from februar of 2011 to 1st June of 2011.
For any further information, see "Contact and information".


For more than 20 years, selected biologists, biochemists and chemists have been trained in Sales and Marketing at the University of Grenoble. The same type of training has been implemented in Beirut at the Lebanese University since 2004. Companies involved in the fields of biology, biotechnology, scientific instrumentation as well as in-vitro diagnostics appreciate these sales experts who have developed at least two major skills.
Partners: Biomérieux, Roche Diagnostic, Fisher Bioblock, Caliper Life Science…


International Commercial Programme - 160 hours of lectures - 20 ECTS

  • Commerce - 70 Hours (lectures and tutorial) - 10 ECTS
    Communication and Sales Techniques:
    Payment conditions, letters of credit , Incoterms, tenders …
    Management of a distribution networks :agent, distributor, reseller, internet
    Introductions to commercial situations
  • Marketing: an approach to foreign markets - 40 hours - 5 ECTS
    Selling and buying behaviours in different countries. Specific means of communication.
  • Sociological and cultural approach in different parts of the world - 25 Hours - 3 ECTS
    The importance of mediation in business. International trade law and regulatory requirements.
  • Knowledge of company management, accounting, logistics - 25 hours - 2 ECTS

Scientific Programme - 140 hours of lectures - 20 ECTS

  • Biotechnology - 70 hours - 10 ECTS
    Organiser: Jean Viallet, Research Center Ontology and Oncology, Institute Albert Bonniot, UJF/INSERM U823
    Content: The course aims to present up to date technologies used in Biotech Companies for genetic engineering, bioprocessing, molecular diagnostic, high-throughput screening, immunotechnology, stem cell and tissue engineering, animal technologies and industrial biotechnology.
  • Principles of Instrumental Analysis - 60 hours - 10 ECTS
  1. Organiser: Pr Marc JAMIN, UVHCI, UJF-EMBL-CNRS – UMR5233, 6 rue Jules Horowitz, 38042 Grenoble
    Participants: Marc Jamin, Winfried Weissnhorn and researchers and teachers from UVHCI, IBS and UJF
    Contents: Measurement basics: Principles of instrumentation – Signals and noise – Evaluation of analytical data, Spectroscopy: Introduction to spectroscopic methods – Components of optical instruments – UV-Vis-IR spectrometry – Fluorescence spectrometry – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance – Light scattering – Mass spectrometry, Electrochemical chemistry: Introduction to electrochemical instruments – pH metry – Oxymetry – Conductimetry, Separation methods: Introduction to separation methods and to hydrodynamic methods – Chromatography – Electrophoresis – Centrifugation, Intermolecular interactions: Introduction to equilibrium and kinetic measurements – Calorimetry – Surface Plasma Resonance – Filter binding assay, Large instruments and automation: Synchrotron and neutron reactor – High throughput in biochemistry and structural biology
  2. Imaging technologies for life sciences
    Organiser: Pr. M. Robert-Nicoud, Research Center Ontology and Oncology, Institute Albert Bonniot, UJF/INSERM U823
    Content: The course aims to at explain the basic principles of the technologies used for imaging at the nano-, micro- and macroscopic scales in life sciences, and at presenting several applications of theses technologies for imaging molecules, cells and tissues, for in vivo imaging in small animals, and for investigating the dynamics and interactions of biomolecules.The course will include several visits of imaging platforms in Grenoble area.
Six months practical training - 20 ECTS to obtain the degree of “Lab’Science Trading” (from march to September)
20 hours of tutorial before the training (C.V, Interview simulations, coaching during the placement)

VIE contracts

The VIE contracts (organized by UBIFRANCE) concern European students who would like to practice abroad during the placement. In this case, the student will work for a French company in charge to follow up a foreign market designed by the company.
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Contact and information

Ghislaine Pellat, +33 608 246 727
Françoise Gabert, +33 608 246 723
Francis Pithon, +33 689 649 671
To register please contact us.
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