Courses selection

A typical semester in a French university is 30 ECTS. Most of the classes count for 3 or 6 ECTS which correspond approximately to 25 and 50 hours taught in class, respectively.

Students are expected to work at least an equivalent amount of time at home.

Students must choose a minimum of 60% of their courses in the Department of Chemistry and Biology.
Up to 20% of the courses can be chosen from another Department within UGA except INP, DSDA, Sciences Po, Ecole d'architecture,USMB.
Students can also select a sport, language and/or multidisciplinary course for 3 ECTS each.


On each of the above links, click on the "programme" item to access the list of the courses. Courses are labeled in their taught languages.
Publié le  30 octobre 2019
Mis à jour le 3 avril 2023