Pr Bertrand Huard

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Pr Bertrand Huard

Education / Graduation / Career

  • 1990 - Paris VII - Master of Immunology

  • 1995 - Paris VII - PhD in Immmunology

  • 1999 - Scripps Foundation, CA, USA - Post-Doctoral Position

  • 2012 - Geneva Faculty of Medicine - Assistant professor

  • since 2013 - Joseph Fourier University - professor

Teaching: The main disciplines

  • Immunology

Research Topics

  • inflammation


  • Lymphoma

  • multiple myeloma

  • antibody responses

  • autoimmunity

  • Multiple Sclerosis

Selected publications

  • Huard, B., and L. Karlsson. 2000. KIR expression on self-reactive CD8+ T cells is controlled by T-cell receptor engagement. Nature 403:325-328.

  • Schwaller, J., P. Schneider, P. Mhawech-Fauceglia, T. McKee, S. Myit, T. Matthes, J. Tschopp, O. Donze, F.A. Le Gal, and B. Huard. 2007. Neutrophil-derived APRIL concentrated in tumor lesions by proteoglycans correlates with human B-cell lymphoma aggressiveness. Blood 109:331-338.

  • Huard, B., T. McKee, C. Bosshard, S. Durual, T. Matthes, S. Myit, O. Donze, C. Frossard, C. Chizzolini, C. Favre, R. Zubler, J.P. Guyot, P. Schneider, and E. Roosnek. 2008. APRIL secreted by neutrophils binds to heparan sulfate proteoglycans to create plasma cell niches in human mucosa. J Clin Invest 118:2887-2895.

  • Matthes, T., I. Dunand-Sauthier, M.L. Santiago-Raber, K.H. Krause, O. Donze, J. Passweg, T. McKee, and B. Huard. 2011. Production of the plasma-cell survival factor a proliferation-inducing ligand (APRIL) peaks in myeloid precursor cells from human bone marrow. Blood 118:1838-1844.

  • Matthes, T., B. Manfroi, A. Zeller, I. Dunand-Sauthier, B. Bogen, and B. Huard. 2015a. Autocrine amplification of immature myeloid cells by IL-6 in multiple myeloma-infiltrated bone marrow. Leukemia

  • Matthes, T., T. McKee, I. Dunand-Sauthier, B. Manfroi, S. Park, J. Passweg, and B. Huard. 2015b. Myelopoiesis dysregulation associated to sustained APRIL production in multiple myeloma-infiltrated bone marrow. Leukemia

Interests, Projects, Ideas

Our research is based primarly on human tissue observations, a strategy that we are calling "in tissue veritas". We are currently focusing on the inflammatory molecule APRIL. Our recent works indicate that APRIL is a survival factor for antibody-producing plasma cells. According to this specific function, APRIL is implicated in some autoimmune diseases as well as tumors arising from B lymphocytes, including B-cell lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Our research is the most advanced with B-cell lymnphoma. For this pathology, we have been able to show that a prognostic and therapeutic value of APRIL, giving to this molecule the not so common attribute of a predictive biomarker.

Current fundings

  • Université Grenoble-Alpes
  • Fondation Finovi
  • Ligue contre le cancer (comité Isère)
  • Association pour l’aide à la recherche sur la sclérose en plaques
  • Région Rhone-Alpes
  • Agence pour la Recherche Nationale
  • Fonds Européen de Développement Régional
  • Département 74
  • Syndicat Mixte de l'Archamps-Genevois

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