Philippe Marty

Date du document : 12 février 2014
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Education / Graduation / Career

  • 1976 - Grenoble-INP - Engineer
  • 1982 - Grenoble-INP - PhD in Fluid Mechanics

Teaching: The main disciplines

  • Heat transfer
  • Fluid Mechanics

Research Topics


    • Martin LONGEON, Adèle SOUPART, Jean-Francois FOURMIGUE, Arnaud BRUCH, Philippe MARTY : Experimental and numerical investigation of the phenomena occurring in both charging and discharging mode in an annular PCM storage in presence of natural convection, Applied Energy 112 (2013) 175–184.
    • A. Chaise, P. de Rango, Ph. Marty, D. Fruchart, S. Miraglia, R. Olivès, S. Garrier, Enhancement of hydrogen sorption in magnesium hydride using expanded graphite, Int. J. Hyd. Energy. 34 (2009) 8589–8596.
    • G. Momen, G. Hermosilla, A. Michau, M. Pons, M. Firdaous, Ph. Marty, K. Hassouni: Experimental and numerical investigation of the thermal effects during hydrogen charging in packed bed storage tank, Int. J. Heat and Mass transfer, 52, 1495–1503, 2009.
    • Hai Trieu PHAN , Nadia CANEY, Philippe MARTY, Stéphane COLASSON, Jérôme GAVILLET : Surface wettability control by nanocoating: the effects on pool boiling heat transfer and nucleation mechanism, Int. J. Heat and Mass transfer 52 (2009) 5459–5471.
    • Vejrazka J., Tihon J., Sobolik V., Marty Ph. : Effect of an external excitation on the flow structures in a circular impinging jet, Phys. Fluids, Vol.17, #10, Art. No.105102, 2005.
    • Marty Ph., Michel F., Tochon P.: Experimental and numerical study of the heat transfer along a blunt flat plate, Int. J. Heat and Mass transfer, 51, 13–23, (2008).
    • Martin Witkowski L., Walker J., Marty Ph.: "Nonaxisymmetric flow in a finite-length cylinder with a rotating magnetic field", Physics of Fluids, Vol.11, #7, 1821-1826, 1999.
    • B. Delhomme, A. Lanzini, G. A. Ortigoza-Villalba, S. Nachev, P. de Rango, M. Santarelli, Ph. Marty: Coupling and thermal integration of a solid oxide fuel cell with a magnesium hydride tank, Int. J. Hyd. Energy, vol. 38, 4740 – 4747, 2013.
    • S. Nachev, P. de Rango, B. Delhomme, D. Plante, B. Zawilski, F. Longa, Ph. Marty, D. Fruchart, S. Miraglia, In-situ Dilatometry Measurements of MgH2 Compacted Disks, J. Alloys and Compounds, 580 (2013) S183–S186
    • Hai Trieu PHAN, Nadia CANEY , Philippe MARTY , Stéphane COLASSON , Jérôme GAVILLET, Flow boiling of water in a microchannel: The effects of surface wettability on two-phase pressure drop, Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume: 31, Issue: 11-12, Pages: 1894-1905, AUG 2011

    Interests, Projects, Ideas

    Thèmes de recherche: Stockage de l'énergie , transferts convectifs et par ébullition

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