Olivier Stephan

Date du document : 17 décembre 2013
Dernière mise à jour le : 18 février 2014


Education / Graduation / Career

  • 1992 - Pierre et marie Curie Paris VI - Masterof Analytical Chemistry
  • 2002 - Pierre et marie Curie Paris VI - PhD in Analytical Chemistry
  • 2002 (HDR) - UJF - mdC

Teaching: The main disciplines

  • Thermodynamics
  • Physico-chemical Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry

Research Topics

  • Two-photon induced microfabrication
  • Nanoparticles for two-photon imaging


  • Laser Microstructuration of Three-Dimensional Enzyme Reactors in Microfluidic Channels Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 10 (3) (2011) 685-690 M. Iosin, T. Scheul, C. Nizak , O. Stephan , S. Astilean, and P.L. Baldeck
  • Deep in vivo two-photon imaging of blood vessels with a new dye encapsulated in pluronic nanomicelles J. Biomed. Optics 16(3) (March 2011) M. Maurin, O. Stéphan, J.-C. Vial, S. R. Marder and B.Van Der Sanden

Interests, Projects, Ideas

My Research activities are organized around two themes: • "Development of nanoprobes for two-photon intravital imaging" • "two -photon induced microfabrication" These topics are typically at the interface between physics and chemistry but also in strong interaction with biology.

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