Master in Biology : Physiology, Epigenetics and Development

Master 2 PhED

The specialty of Master 2 PhED of Grenoble is a multidisciplinary program that guarantees its
graduates a high scientific level providing access to most doctoral schools in the area of
biological sciences in the world.
Academic training allows candidates to choose specialized courses, taught by actors of basic
research in various fields such as animal physiology and pathophysiology, plant physiology,
genetics and epigenetics, cancer, cell differentiation or development. The lessons of the
program are taught in an interactive manner to a limited number of students. Theoretical
knowledge is reinforced by a six-month fellowship in one of the many laboratories of Grenoble
scientific environment or in any other internationally recognized laboratory.

The program includes the following list of courses:

Mandatory courses:

  • BIO531A (6 ECTS): Genetic Engineering
  • BIO531B (6 ECTS): Epigenetics and cell differentiation
  • BIO531C (6 ECTS): Principles of cell signaling

Elective courses: Choose 2 courses in the following list

  • BIO531G (6 ECTS): Cardiovascular physiology and integrated metabolism
  • BIO531D (6 ECTS): Molecular bases of neurodegeneration and regeneration in the adult CNS
  • BIO531E (6 ECTS): Integrative neurphysiology
  • BIO531H (6 ECTS): Molecular genetics and epigenetics of cancer
  • BIO531I (6 ECTS): Development and evolution of animals and plants
  • BIO531F (6 ECTS): Ageing and Longevity
  • BIO531Q (6 ECTS): Plant physiology and Development : genetics and applications

For more details see : Master 2 PhED (in French)