École d'été
20 juin 2022 - 1 juillet 2022

CBH Graduate School organizes interdisciplinary summer schools around a topical theme.

Aimed at master's and doctoral students, the summer schools are based on participatory methods with research, industrial and other socio-economic partners.

In june 2022, two summer schools will be organized : one on nutrition and health, the second on health crisis management. You can only apply to one school.

Curious and committed? No technical knowledge required! Take up the challenge! Join in!

These schools are a unique moment of exchange, sharing and creativity between students from all backgrounds. Why not take this opportunity to redesign the future together!

Free of charge for Master or PhD students of Université Grenoble Alpes, in english
35 HF for PhD students
Possible ECTS according to the Master's degree


June 20-June 24, 2022 Health and nutrition in the 21st century


Are you interested in nutrition and health? Would you like to take part in discussion with experts of different fields: epidemiology, nutrition for specific audience, marketing and consumer behaviour, new eating habits?
With the participation of Nutrisens company, Béatrice Morio (INRAE) president of Société Française de Nutrition, Catherine Feart (INSERM Univ. de Bordeaux), Agnès Helme-Guizon (UGA) and Christophe Moinard (UGA)

June 27-July 1, 2022 Health and research in the 21st century (contact us)


Are you interested in learning from the Covid19 crisis?

Would you like to take part in discussion with experts of different fields: epidemiology, vaccination, public health, management and science communication?

With the participation of Stéphane Paul (CHU Saint-Etienne, member of  french vaccine committee), Lucienne Letellier (member of ethics committee of CNRS), Yves Sciama (scientific journalist), Pierre Mercklé (UGA, PACTE), Guillaume Vallet (UGA, CREG), Patrice Marche (INSERM, IAB)


Look the video of the Summer School 2021:

From June 21, 2021 to june 25, 2021 : Thinking together to share energy

Concerned by climate change? Do you want to take part in energy transition? Take advantage of this summer school to imagine how you can accelerate the change towards a better use of energy for the benefit of all.

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