Master degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

  • Master in Chemistry

The entire master (first and second year) is taught in English, 120 ECTS.

The courses from the first year will provide the essential knowledge for a student in chemistry at the master level.

The first semester (Fall semester - 30 ECTS) combines the common knowledge with courses in Organic chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Organometallics and Catalysis, Spectroscopy, Analytical techniques and Experimental practice.

During the second semester (Spring semester - 30 ECTS), the choice of courses will pre‑orientate the students to one of the four potential second year of Master’s specialities (two of them being entirely taught in English): Organic Synthesis, Functional Polymers. A compulsory lab-training period of 2 months is an important moment of the second semester: this lab training can be done either in a laboratory in Grenoble, in France or abroad, or in industry.

For details about the courses offered in Master 1 in Chemistry see the detailed program.

The second year of the Master in Chemistry includes four months of courses (Fall semester) and six months of internship in academic laboratories or in industry.

Courses in this second year are offered in English in the two following programs:

  • Organic Synthesis (SOIPA): in this speciality, you will learn all the techniques and methods to synthesise complex molecules, drugs and natural products. It offers a formation at the cutting edge of the organic synthesis, including green chemistry concepts, heterocyclic synthesis asymmetric synthesis, retrosynthesis and molecular modelling;
  • Functional Polymers (PTA): in this speciality, you will learn all about advanced functional polymers finding applications in energy, cosmetics, membranes, nanostructured polymers, bio-based, bio-compatible and bio-degradable polymers.

There are many laboratories proposing six-month research projects for the final semester: this period will be a first step in research potentially leading to PhD studies.

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Master Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (N2) of Grenoble.

Both the Nanochemistry and Nanobiosciences tracks are totally taught in english.

You can apply either for the first year (M1) or for the second year (M2) in Nanochemistry or Nanobiosciences.

The second year of master program includes four months of courses and six months of internship most often in academic laboratories.

This master program is one of the four partners of an Erasmus Mundus program and shares Double Diploma agreements with the University of Tsukuba (Japan) and the Tomsk Polytechnik University (TPU) in Russia allowing geographical mobility within the program.