Grenoble and its universities

Higher education and research. The "University of Grenoble" brings together academic institutions with different disciplinary specialties:

  • Joseph Fourier University: science, and medicine
  • Pierre-Mendes France University: social sciences and humanities
  • Stendahl University: language, communication, arts and letters
  • Savoye University (located in Chambéry)
  • Grenoble Institut National Polytechnique: technology
  • Grenoble SciencePo: political sciences

The University of Grenoble in short:

  • 58,400 students
  • 3,600 PhD students in 14 doctoral schools
  • 7,200 foreign students per year (180 different nationalities)
  • 249 Licence and 265 Master programs
  • 33 engineering programs
  • 740 million euros of budget per year