Courses selection

A typical semester in a French university is 30 ECTS. Most of the classes count for 3 or 6 ECTS which correspond approximately to 25 and 50 hours taught in class, respectively.
Students are expected to work  at least an equivalent amount of time at home.

Students must choose a minimum of 60% of their courses in the Department of Chemistry and Biology.
Up to 20% of the courses can be chosen from an other Department within UGA except INP, DSDA, Sciences Po, Ecole d'architecture,USMB.
Students can also select a sport, language and/or multidisciplinary course for 3 ECTS each.

AVAILABLE PROGRAMS IN THE DEPARTMENT: On each of the above links, click on the "programme" item to access the list of the courses. Courses are labeled in their taught languages.